Kerala Institute of Dental & Medical Research, established on April 14, 2007, under NEELA EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST (Regd). It is the first established MDS Entrance Coaching Center in Kerala. Since 14 years, we have proved our mettle, thorugh our meritorious students, who have been placed in prized educational institutions, across India. 

Most of our ex students are currently well placed members in their respectice fields, in India, and abroad.

Our teaching faculty is our core. They constantly update themselves, with the latest news and updates in the fields of Medicine and Dentistry. They serve tirelessly for the constant betterment of our students. They constantly juggle busy clinical practice schedules, with their love for teaching.


KIDMR was instrumental in my success. The guidance and support provided by Jayakumar Sir, and our staff, helped me reach where I am today.



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